Thank you for stopping by. Boomerang is the creative outlet for Natalie Berberet who is a Graphic Designer/Email Marketer/Project Manager by day. By night, I'm playing, creating, and updating Boomerang's products and blog. By weekend, I'm hunting for vintage one-of-a-finds to share with you all in Boomerang's shop.

Design is not just a branding thing, it's a lifestyle. It's an outlook on life. Yes, it's the business card you hand to someone, but it's also how you set the table for your dinner party with close friends or the quick meal you whip up after a long day. Everyone is creative, just in different ways. The BoomBlog is a place where all these creative pursuits are experimented with and shared. Sometimes a creative pursuit turns out to be a proud moment, sometimes it's an epic fail that you laugh about once you're far enough removed from the frustration. The BoomBlog sets out to inspire you through Natalie's quests in design, vintage wares, food and cocktails, and music. After all, you have to have a soundtrack for these creative moments! Hopefully BoomBlog will be a frequent stop for you to discover a great trick or get inspired for your next creative adventure. Please leave comments, we're dying to hear about what you're working on!

I'm always on the hunt/rescue mission for vintage housewares in need of a good home. In a disposable society, there's so much to be appreciated in a vintage piece; be it the unbelievable quality, the charm it has, or the thoughtful design behind it. Nothing has a presence quite like a vintage piece for that empty nook in your home, your next big event or party, or a one-of-a-find gift for a dear friend. I cannot stop myself from going on weekend vintage excursions, but I've run out of space at my small home, so I want to share them with you! I hope you find the perfect piece for yourself or someone you love. I'm always finding new treasures, so check in often for new postings of vintage items.

Are You Searching For The Perfect Vintage Piece?
If you're looking for that perfect vintage piece for an empty nook in your home, a one-of-a-kind gift, or your next event or party, I'm your girl! Even if you don't know the specific piece you want, but know the object type or theme, I will find what you're looking for. Drop me a line directly at natalie[at]boomerang-atelier.com.

Do You Have Graphic Design Needs?
If you're in need of graphic design or email marketing services, please email Natalie, natalie[at]boomerang-atelier.com.

:: About Natalie ::

Natalie Although my family moved around a lot growing up, my heart is in the midwest, and I call Chicago home. After recieving a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, a minor in English, and a minor in Art History from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I moved back to the Chicago area where I am currently designing with my devious furry sidekick Gatsby.

I am available for hire to help with your graphic design needs, email marketing needs, or to collaborate on your creative pursuits.

Drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you! natalie[at]boomerang-atelier.com

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